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Subscribe to my newsletter because I understand you want to be a positive member of your society, perhaps even influence a good change or at least participate in something that matters, but you don’t have the time, energy or resources. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it. And, trust me, I’ve been in the non-profit (or whatever else you might call it; voluntary, charity, not-for-profit, non-government, civil society etc - all these organisations are the same, sort of, I’ll get to that) sector for over 20 years, and I can tell you: EVERY little counts. You might not feel it, but it really does.

Plus, I’m a writer. I’ve combined activism and writing. So my newsletter is about both, often at the same time.

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Meliha Avdic

My writing is almost always inspired by my need to influence a positive change. That's my theme, my lighthouse, my guiding star, my gravity.